Millennial’s Core Competency: Digital Literacy

Millennials are digital beings. We are referred to as being tech-savvy, or technology obsessed on a regular basis. Although some older generations refer to us as so with negative connotation, being digitally-literate is crucial in the world we live in today. To be digitally-literate is to be able to communicate with individuals or groups through principals of functional and visual design, concise writing, and a connection to moral obligation. To be able to write and communicate is one thing. We can likely all do this. The skill here is:

  1. creating visually appeasing content: This is the first rule of thumb when creating everything and anything. We are visual beings, especially those of us using technology. You want your blog, website, etc. to capture the readers immediate attention. 
  2. producing original content: After capturing your audience, you have to hook them with original content. The digital world, although growing at incredible speed, is already extremely saturated. You will not be able to break through the clutter without something to offer your audience that they have not seen before. This is also important from a credibility standpoint
  3. writing conciselyIf you can not get your point across efficiently, then you will quickly lose your reader to another site. Much of the time when readers come across content on the web it is unintentional. Therefore, if they do not have a specific purpose for reading your content, then you better give them a reason fast. Provide them with information that they want and is simple for them to comprehend. Say only what you need to say.


Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 8.53.13 PM.pngThere is a lot that goes into being digitally-literate in today’s society. The craziest part to digital literacy, is that it can never truly be mastered. Your work is never done. There will always be a better, more consider way to say or display your work. I certainly learned this while producing my blog and my personal website. There was always more I wanted to say, and a way that I thought I might be able to say it better.

One of the most difficult parts about becoming digitally literate, is that it takes time. Patience is key when producing any sort of content. My multimedia group and I this past summer figured this out during the production and editing phases of our group podcast and videoStart to finish these products took us immensely longer than we had originally thought. Producing content truly is an art form and we couldn’t be more proud of how far we have come throughout the semester looking back at our rough cuts. 

I am proud to say that when I began my journey towards digital literacy that I was relatively digitally incompetent. I am proud to say this, because today I am skilled in AudacityPremierePhotoshopand iMovie. I have worked towards learning how to more efficiently and effectively display and say original content and am leaps and bounds ahead of where I was when I sett off at the start of the semester. Most importantly, I have learned how to channel my curiosities in ways that can capture an audience and make them interested as well. I recognize that these are lifelong skills and I have only just begun.


Digital literacy is a core competency in any career.

Featured Image Source: Emily Stokes

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