Gen-Y: Content or Confused

As millennials, we would like to think that we are content. We receive constant reinforcement from this text from a friend, or a snapchat, or even an Instagram like, but all-in-all, our life is clutter. We don’t wish to be good at one thing, we want to be good at everything. We examine every option and advancement opportunity throughout our life, including in our careers, relationships, technology, etc. We do this because of how we were raised: to never settle for just good enough. We have grown up being told we can be anything, go anywhere, do anything we set our minds to. Because of this mentality, we seek to maximize; examine every option and find the best, not just good enough. Because we examine every option, we are left with endless choice. This amount of choice can be overwhelming. We become not content, but confused. 

Our confusion is a result of us experiencing overload.The generations before us did have choice, however the choices they had were limited in comparison.

Too much choice in society can often be counterproductive.                Image Source: Graduate School of Stanford Business

Take college for example. We could go to community college, state university, a liberal arts college, a technical college, and more. On top of that we could look in the east, south, north, west, mid-west, or even out of the country. Or can we? There are so many who will have to pass on certain opportunities due to financial constraints or other restrictions, but that does not stop parents from raising their children on the ideals I mentioned earlier. Therefore, you guessed it, disappointment. Sean Lyons, co-editor of Managing the New Workforce: International Perspectives on the Millennial Generation, said:

“This generation has the highest likelihood of having unmet expectations with respect to their careers and lowest levels of satisfaction with their careers at the stage they’re at.”

Our confusion is a result of us experiencing overload.                                                                                                                                                        Image Sources: gotechark, depositphotos, helencampbell, Joy Loftus



How do we go from being confused to content?

Now that we have established that our generation is increasingly more confused than content, we need understand how to take happiness into our own hands.

How To:

Maximize your life relative to your life: In other wards, life is about context. We should aim for the best opportunity available to us. Available is a key word, because discontent can result from the constant comparing of individuals who have lives completely different from that of our own.


Live in the present: I know it is hard to do sometimes. As humans, and especially as millennials we love to dwell. Dwell on what chances we chose not to take or opted for another route. Dwell on the could have been. The truth is its irrelevant. The best one can do is make the best of the present. I do not mean live in the present as some happy-go-lucky individual who lives recklessly day by day. There is a balance. Plan for the future and look at your options, but once you choose a path, like it, love it, or learn from your mistakes.


Feature Image Source: Emma Fischer


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