Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

Here we go. This is all you really need to know: get your point across, and get it across fast. I’m here to tell you about how to have a successful blog. (See what I did there, I gave you the point right away). As society becomes more and more reliant upon the internet, the internet becomes increasingly like a trash can. Mostly a mess of  content with a few gems to be found with a concentrated search.

Here’s how to make your blog one of the gems:

1. Be authentic. The worst thing someone can do when writing is to be something that they are not. Your vibe attracts your tribe. The tribe that you want. Writing should always sound like yourself. (Yourself if you had an editor in your head that is.) Do this by starting with a freelance write. Linda Felder’s book, “Writing for the Web,” stresses the importance of freelance writing to protect your personality. When freelancing, a writer has his/her most raw thoughts emerge. Raw thoughts make the text appear more conversational, which is the goal.

2. Be interesting. Felder says with a topic to, “walk into it like it is Buckingham Palace and own the place.” You are never as original as you believe you are being. Think of how many people are writing out there trying to get across the same exact points you are. Spice it up and beat them at their own game. Display your vibrant personality and avoid idioms and other trendy sayings at all cost. Otherwise I promise that you will be lost in the trash can of today’s media referred to earlier.

3.Be clear and concise. Do not bring your reader on an adventure to find meaning in your post. Start with whats important and say it in less words. Good writing consists of points made quickly. End with the fluff, because to be brutally honest, the reader probably will not make it there anyway. Also, cut that rant in 1/2. Take those original zesty thoughts and, “cut the word count in half, and then cut it in half again.” This way you have a higher likelihood to keep your audience’s attention. Many writers even break up their points into lists (like I am doing right now), to try and hold the readers’ attention.


All of these points are crucial in writing, but we have not even reached what your talking about in the midst of all the excitement. Which leads me to my next topic: KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. 



Know your tribe, because if you don’t know them you have nothing. If by writing you are not necessarily looking to share your thoughts, maybe just have a good rant then fine, knowing your audience is useless. However, in most scenarios there is a target audience the writer wants to have consist of his/her followers, and in these cases they must be of the utmost priority. Think of your specific target audience as your employer since they are the ones that keep the momentum of your blog moving.










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